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Thursday, 26 September 2013

President's wagon

I got deviated in the middle of my previous post. Anyway getting back to the point, I was waiting at the bus stop for more than 20 minutes, but I couldn’t spot a bus. I can see all other vehicles passing by, but not a sign of bus. It didn’t take much time for me to realize that it was for the president’s escort. Within few minutes, all the vehicles stopped. I was so excited and I was waiting to see the president. More than that I wanted to see how the escort will be. I know that it will be good. They don’t have to care about the fuel prices or anything like that. C’mon folks, he is the first citizen of our country and if he is given such a royal treatment, we can be proud of it. I was more excited to see His convoy and vehicle. I was eagerly waiting to see His custom-built, heavily armored limousine Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard and he would be escorted by his convoy.
Mercedes Benz S class
Mercedes Benz S class

I hate waiting, but I can wait to see the president. In India, we don’t get much excited about the president like the Americans; Prime Minister may increase one’s eagerness more than that of president. But since president is the first citizen, his convoy and vehicle might be even better than that of Prime Minister’s. I waited eagerly for 15 minutes, halfhearted for 10 minutes and apathetic for 5 minutes. Finally few Maruti Gypsys and Tata Sumos passed by. Then came a couple of Ambassador with red siren. They were followed by custom built bikes with red and blue sirens. The sight was so amazing. Three rows of bikes with three bikes in every row. It was followed by a couple of Gypsys and then went a Mercedes vehicle. Then came a couple of Gypsys and then went a Honda CRV. Yup, President of ROI was inside it. I actually wanted to look at his convoys and his car. His car wasn’t there, but his convoy was quite big huge.
But why was he going in his CRV. Where was his Mercedes Benz S600. Maybe that is used only in and around Delhi. It is quite impossible to take his car to everywhere he goes in India. Or he might have used it as decoy. The time was about 1700 hours and His wagon was travelling towards west, so the sun lit the car and I was able to get a view of inside of the vehicle and also our President. Well, he may never come to my village and it is just luck to see him while I was in Bangalore.
Since we were speaking about the convoy and vehicles, I want to say something more about it.
The President of India, travels in a black Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard. It is a custom-built, heavily armored limousine which meets the requirements of the highest protection class VR6/VR7. The armor is designed to protect against military rifle shots and also offers resistance against fragments from hand grenades and explosives. The president's motorcade also consists of the former presidential car, a black Mercedes-Benz W140 armoured limousine, which is now being used as a spare vehicle.
The Chief Justice of India travel in black Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) high security and bullet proof car and one acting as decoy Vehicle. These are escorted by the SPG in five armoured black BMW X5 (E70).
The Prime Minister uses two black, B7-level armoured 2009 BMW 7 Series High Security saloons, with one acting as a decoy vehicle. These are escorted by the SPG in five armoured black BMW X5s and multiple Tata Safaris which are a permanent part of the Prime Minister's convoy.
The President, the Chief justice of India, the Vice-president and the prime minister's convoy comprise 20-25 cars within the city of New Delhi but when they have to move outside the city, the convoy's size increases to 170-200.
Earlier, Hindustan Motors' Ambassador was used as the official state car for all purposes. It was highly-armored and modified considerably for the use by the President, The Chief Justice of India, Vice-President, Governor, the Prime Minister, and Justice of High Court and Supreme Court.

I want to mention few more things about the President’s Limo. It is a custom built luxurious stretch limousine. The doors are hydraulic and once it is locked, the sound cannot enter the car from outside. Even the president’s cabin and driver’s cabin are separated by sound proof glasses. The Entertainment system will be of high tech, but I guess the President won’t be listening to Metal or Rap. He might tune in to current news topics or he may do some video conferencing.
It is definitely an eye candy, but it is not just that. Its safety features meets the requirements of the highest protection class VR6/VR7. It is ballistic resistant and it can withstand grenades.

The Harmon-Kardon Logic 7 stereo sound system has 14 speakers, in-dash CD changer and hard drive based GPS satellite navigation system. Inside, there is fiber-optic ambient lighting for footwells and other areas. The leather cushioned seats have heating and active ventilation system. While the seats will be warmed in winter, there are small fans to keep the seats cool in summer and prevent perspiration in long journeys. The limousine is also equipped with Tele Aid that uses GPS tracking and cell phone service to provide assistance. An automatic call is made for help if any of the eight dual-stage air bags or seat belt tensioners gets deployed. "The Pullman is absolutely plush and state of the art. There is great attention to detail on everything that goes into the vehicle," a Mercedes Benz source said.
The spacious passenger cabin has two rows of seats facing each other that will allow the President to hold face-to-face meetings. There is a refrigerator integrated in between the rear seats so that everyone can sip into something cool while discussing a burning issue.
"The protection systems in the vehicle is in line with weapon technologies. The car is tested for protection against AK 47, M 67 US hand grenade, 3 X DM hand grenade and parcel bombs," the source said, adding that the windshields and windows have 60 mm polycarbonate coating glass and acts as a splinter shield. The 90-litre fuel tank is self-sealing and there is an automatic fire extinguisher system on board, just in case. Also, there is an emergency fresh air system that filters the air and pumps it back into the cabin.
The Michellin Pax 'bullet-proof' tyres can continue to drive for 30 km at 80km/hr with total loss of air pressure. The car also has a panic alarm system that can be triggered from any seat. Once activated, all doors are automatically locked. The President or his staff can, without opening the windows or doors, speak to people around the car by an integrated communication system with interior and exterior microphones. The car also has a rear surveillance camera that provides the entire field of view, alerting the limousine driver in case of an ambush from behind.

Mercedes Benz S class - used by Indian President
Mercedes Benz S class

The vehicle's armory and the bevy of equipment factory-fitted equipment make it very heavy. Hence, it is powered by a brute of a V12 bi-turbo engine. If the chauffeur floors the accelerator after turning on the ignition, it can hit 0-100 km/h in 6.7 seconds flat.

All this doesn't come cheap. The current cost of black limo that serves as the official transport of the nation's first citizen is a whopping Rs 12 crore, a far cry from the bullet-proof white Amby that costs less that Rs 10 lakh.

Here are the new P-I-M-P-s

I was waiting for a bus after a tiring day at The Leela Palace, Bangalore. I noticed few men dressed in khaki standing by the road. As usual driven by curiosity, I went to them, asked for directions to a nearby place and peeked at their id card. It was nothing like a regular id card. It was printed on a sky blue colored chart sheet and it read “Emergency Duty” in bold. It had the personnel’s name and it had something written like Security patrol for president’s visit. There was another guy along with me who is sincerely searching for a job. He is kind of the guy who is curious and excited about the things I consider stupid. We walked a little distance and he met a p-i-m-p. Her business was kind of weird. She advertised in some sites like quikr and when Praveen (the other guy with me) met her she tried to act like elite person. She was actually nobody but a pimp who knows H.R.s in few companies. She may not even know them, but she said she knows them very well. According to her:
                There are many openings in O.N.G.C. for B.E. graduates and it is through backdoor process. We will be off the payroll for first 6 months after which we will join the payrolls of ONGC. Salary will be around `20000 during the initial training and after that there will be a hike. ECE, EEE, mechanical are wanted there. She can arrange an interview if we give a confirmation and the initiating of this process will require about `10000. Once the interview is done we have to pay her a sum of `100000, but as courtesy she can reduce it to just `85000. That is not it; she can arrange for jobs in UTC Goodrich Aerospace and many other MNCs too. All these are entries to backdoor, so they are not posted outside. She can arrange it for us using her connections. She even has a job offer in Singapore for monthly salary of 3000 Singapore dollars, but that costs `300000.
I have no Idea what she was talking about, but I felt that she is either a fraud or pimp.
Well, I was about to say something about the president’s visit, but I changed the subject. Well. Let’s continue about it in next post.
I have no intention to defame anybody, but I do not want to modify what I feel. I do not feel bad calling somebody a pimp when they sell jobs in the way mentioned above. And when I say pimp, I do not simply mean a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return. What I actually mean is one who finds customers for a prostitute; a procurer.  

Let us stop it here and continue later in the next post.

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Character ( that I fleshed out by taking cue from the versatile character in Jacob Hills)

The Character 

P.S. (Pre Script): This post is especially written for “The Character” contest conducted in IndiBlogger by Harper Collins. Forgive me for saying this, but the contest is bit confusing. English is my second language and I didn’t understand what “flesh out your own protagonists and antagonists” means. I thought of visiting the contest forum and it was full of chaos. I had much better understanding than most of the fellas who posted the replies there. At least I know that Hobbit Diaries are the prizes and Jacob Hills has got nothing to do with The Hobbit. The contest page clearly states to take your cue from the versatile characters in Jacob Hills, flesh out your own protagonists and antagonists. Why did everybody mixing up The Hobbit with it? I haven’t read Jacob Hills yet, but I’ve read the reviews about it. Most of the reviews are positive and I do want to read it before writing a post for contest, but if I order it today, it may take a week to reach my village and the contest will be over by then. I thought of purchasing and reading on phone, but my phone has got some issues. And though I believe in necessity for reducing the paper usage, I prefer books in printed form.

Back to understanding of this contest, first what is cue? Cue could mean many things. Generally it is a thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance. But it could also refer to a feature of something perceived that is used in the brain's interpretation of the perception. Next what do they mean by “flesh out”? I guess it must mean to put additional details to something. But the replies in the IndiBlogger forum for this topic confused me a bit. It could also mean to create the characters from the core idea that one can get from the characters of Jacob Hills. Some fellas have even mentioned that they are going to draw/sketch the characters. Oh boy! This is complicated. Well, I notice that they have asked us to flesh out our own protagonists and antagonists. That is comforting. Here is what I am gonna do. I will flesh out my own Heroes and Villains.


I had a glance at the characters posted in the contest page and I wanted to choose my hero. I got my hero and she was selected by me because I felt that she is desperate. I asked myself the question: why did I choose a desperate woman as the protagonist? Maybe because I am desperate in my life and I want my protagonist to be desperate like me. I choose Saryu as the protagonist. The picture in the contest page reads: An unloved woman is a soft target, anyone can hit her, have her. I assume that Saryu is that unloved woman. I am going to cut her off from everything else and I am gonna flesh her out.

Saryu Jacob Hills characterSince I am the one who flesh out her character, I believe it will be better if I narrate her character from her dad’s point of view.

“Saryu was born on a rainy night in the primary health care center in our village. That night gives me nightmare whenever I think. The storm has put out the electricity and the generator in that small hospital was longing for an attention by a technician for a long time. It was not in a situation to convert the diesel to electricity as it was converted from a generator to a junk because of the negligence of the officials. Her mother was crying in unbearable pain and it was unbearable for me to watch her suffering. I tried to confront her that everything will be okay, but I couldn’t as her condition was at worst. The doctors started preparing her for cesarean and she told me that she can die happily after having a look at her child’s face once. But god was in no mood to grant her wish and when Saryu had her first breathe, her mother let out her last one. I gave her all facilities a primary school teacher can give her then. She was sweeter than sugar and she did amazingly in her studies. She had the same interest like me for language; but I wasn’t happy about it. I wanted her to become some kind of Auditor or some job in banks. I was afraid that if she became a language teacher like me, her earning potential will be very low and she may not even get access to good healthcare. I was wrong. She was very steadfast. She was always first in the elocution or any kind of writing competition. Though her face was very similar to her mom’s she had a strong athletic body from my lineage. 

Every teacher loved her, but she wasn’t favorite one among her class mates. Maybe it was some kind of jealous that girls have among themselves. She never complained about it to me, but she never spoke anything special about their friends. Whenever I watched her, she was either alone or accompanied by books and notes. Years passed by and she attained puberty during her summer holidays of class 5. It was very difficult for me to handle the situation as none of our relatives were by my side to help me. They never were. If there was a woman by her side in those days, it would’ve been more comforting for her. But she is a brave girl and she has learned to tolerate the earth as it is from the day of her birth, so it wasn’t an issue for her. 

She moved to high school and higher secondary school. The years flew like days watching her grow. I was so proud to see her grow as a beautiful and responsible girl. But at the same time I was sad that her tolerance has increased a little too much that she never complains about anything. I was told by my friend that some boys were teasing her when going to school. Maybe her mom would have thought her how to handle these situations if she was there. The relatives for whom we were invisible so far came to us now and they were literally competing to marry Saryu to their sons. She was in her pre-university college when she got married to a distant relative. He was with Indian Army and I felt a little comfortable now. But I couldn’t even see her braveness anymore. I am so worried about how she is going to handle the situations in her future with this too much tolerance. I heard my wife’s voice in my mind which told me that she will rise up to the situation when the situation arises.”        

That is what her dad knows, and only she knows what happened to her after the marriage. Let us hear from her.

“My dad was wrong. I can’t rise up to any kind of situation. When I was born, my mother died. I was pain in the a*s for my dad and now I am married to this stupid Major. I am living a life of whore and the only difference here is that they pay for me to my husband in the form of their wives. This culture is bullshit. I can understand that you have no Idea of what I am talking about. This jerk married me only because it is proud for him to marry someone whom everyone wants to marry. The relatives who never gave a sh*t about us asked for marrying me once their stupid sons started growing boner for my ebony body. And as a result of which I am serving the jack asses here. My husband doesn’t love me and an unloved woman is a soft target, anyone can hit her, have her.
Please don’t mind my language as I am made so. The practice here is that they exchange the wives just like that. I am so pissed off at this life. That isn’t the only thing: Now I am addicted to the poison of this life. I am getting to like the craze and urge these men have for me. I do enjoy drinks, partying and being in bed with different men. Dear lord, what have I become! I am so embarrassed and my mom will be ashamed to see me in this situation.”

Well, she has no idea what the life has in store for her. In fact she will rise up and she will be the one who puts an end to all the stupid practices happening in Jacob Hills (if I am the author.)

I wrote this for the contest and I didn’t mean to infringe any copyrights or to mess up with the original plot of the story. Actually, I haven’t read the Jacob Hills yet. (I will read it very soon and till then I’ll have the plot in this way)  And about the antagonists, I don’t believe that there is only one. The situation seems pretty messed around there and I am not ready to finger point someone as the villain here. There are plenty of them and I am no mood for saying about those j*rks and I guess you are not in mood to read anymore too. So I’ll stop it right here.

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Creating Happy Travellers! :: Let's go Home.

Creating Happy Travellers!

I am living in hostels and hotels for past 6 years and the place that makes me happy is my Home. Staying away from parents in later teens and early twenties may be the lifestyle in new world, nowadays common in India too; but I feel it a bit awkward. My home is in a village in Coimbatore district and I still say that the biggest mistake I made in my life is choosing my college wrongly. I got a very big punishment immediately and I was to stay in the college hostel as the college is 4 hour drive from my home. I am not going to say anything bad about the college or hostel, but I won’t deny the fact that the place was one piece of hell. After four years in Purgatory, I thought I could get back to home, but instead of cleansing my sins, I committed few more. I have plenty of backlogs and I had no hope of completing the engineering in near future. So I moved to God’s own country. Kerala is one very good place to live in, but I don’t think the natives are good people to live with (Or it is just me.) Anyway to the point, most of my friends are in the same kind of situation like me and if I take them to a trip, it’ll definitely be to my village. I used the words “like me” in the previous sentence trying to mean that staying away from home; they are all engineers now and some of them will be Master of Engineering by this year. We are scattered to different parts of the country and it will be so cool if we meet in a home like surrounding. If you want to travel and go for a picnic, there will be nothing left to see after one day as it is just a village, but if one wants to live there, they can live as long as a human can, HAPPILY. I invite you all to Vellalore.

Village Home, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Velappa Nayakkan Palayam

Windmills, Velappanayakkan PalayamOur House is surrounded by the elements that will make you feel the village. On one side is the coconut grove that will provide us with the natural and refreshing energy drink that is awesomely sweet. I usually start my day with one refreshing coconut drink. In a little distance, there are plenty of windmills and I hated them when they were built; but they grew on me later. Now they are aesthetically pleasing and the wind farm is where I ran daily morning when I visited home. All I need is “Eye of the Tiger” playing in my “beats” headphone and I can keep on running miles. My friends will definitely find the running refreshing when compared to their lousy treadmills.

Water Tank, pool, bore well tank pipe

Water Tank, pool, bore well tank pipeWe do not have a swimming pool, but we do have a pool. It is meant for collecting water from the bore well before it is used for irrigation. It is six feet deep and 30 feet dia. The water will be so cool and refreshing and it’ll blow your mind. Then we can have a light breakfast and head out. Speaking of breakfast, please don’t expect a regular breakfast. After the sweet coconut drink, one can have the boiled bulrush millet (கம்பு சோறு – pronounced as kambu soru) with rich curd prepared from fresh cow milk from our own cattle. Next we can head into the farms to collect the vegetables and other items for the lunch. If someone is not comfortable with kambu soru, they don’t have to worry as hot and soft idly with coconut chutney or coriander leaves chutney will be available too.
After a light breakfast, we can get in the cars and grab the wheels and step on gas to nearby temple. Or better yet, we would get on the carts and grab the ropes instead so that the ox can take us to nearby temple. The small trip will be refreshing to all as the air from the green fields and sight of green farms and farmers working in the farms will stay forever in our mind. The cameras might be helpful if handy to capture those moments. When we get back home, lunch will be ready.
Water Tank, pool, bore well tank pipeHot Ponni rice boiled in Siruvani water is the main food of the lunch. The horse gram will be boiled and mashed to prepare Kollu Sāmbhar (கொள்ளு சாம்பார்) to be served along with rice as the first course of the meal. Coconut oil or ghee will increase the taste and flavour when added to rice and Kollu Sāmbhar. Kollu Rasam will be made from the water used to boil Horse Gram. Tomatoasafoetidagarlic, ginger and various other spices will be added to Kollu Rasam to make it spicy. Finally the thick and fresh curd preserved in mud pot will be the finishing side dish for our lunch. Did I mention that the sweet served for lunch will be sesame sweet - எள்ளுருண்டை (a sweet made of sesame, groundnut, Jaggery / brown sugar, Bengal gram and flavouring substances)? You don’t get desserts after the meal, Instead you are served with Fritter (Paruppu Vadai – பருப்பு வடை) and Milk Payasam (a semi-liquid food prepared of milkricesago, etc., mixed with sugar or jaggery; sweet pudding.)
          After a heavy meal, we will sit down for a movie. My choice will be Citizen Cane or 8 mile. The choice of movie may change depending on the mood and choice of others. We shall grab chilled beers during the movie. Cauliflower fry and Paruppu vadai should do as side dish.
          We will then take a nap to wake up for a refreshing cup of coffee. We can take an evening walk in cool breeze discussing about our life and various other things.
For dinner we will have hot Kali (களி- food item indigenous to Tamil Nadu) made of Ragi flour and - pearl millet flour. The flour is added to boiling water and it is mixed thoroughly to give very thick dough like form in quasi-solid state. As side dish Sāmbhar prepared with drumstick, chutneys prepared with onion, sesame, coconut can be used. Since it is a dish used in villages, it may not be liked by all. Chapatti will be served as alternative to those who prefer it.
The sun would have gone and moon might be covering up its place by then. I am sure that this day will have some place in our memory and it will be one of our happy travels.

This post is especially written for the contest conducted by yatra.com in IndiBlogger.

A note to Judge of the “Creating Happy Travellers!” contest: I was told that travel means to make a journey, typically of some length or abroad. What I have written about in this blog post may not be a typical travel, but I am sure that it will make my friends happy. I hope that you will accept this post as a valid entry. J

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Nostalgic Memories associated with the aroma of Milk

My Nostalgic Memories associated with the aroma of Milk

Smelly To Smiley!

When I try to find what could be my favorite smell, it is always very hard for me to arrive at a conclusion. But one thing is sure that most of the smells that makes to the nominee list are aroma from food items. And few of those smells have lots of stories hidden in them and it really makes me feel nostalgic.

For any boy who grew in a village with small herds of cow always in home (இடையன்), the smell of milk and its products will definitely have some special place. I am now staying away from home and I miss everything: the fresh smell of milk when the cow is being milked, the heavenly smell of milk that spreads when it is boiled, the jelly like curd whose smell makes you gulp it, the smell of sour milk that comes when curd is agitated to get butter, the soft creamy butter that is the greatest sweet and aroma enhancer for preparation of sweets and greatest and strongest of all: the aroma that spreads when the butter is heated to prepare ghee. Oh My God! I miss it a lot. There is no other smell in this world that makes me homesick as these milk products. Sometimes the milk that I buy in cartons has the aroma that resembles the milk that was freshly milked, but it is never as good as the real fresh one. There are many smells that remind me of the moments that I long for; but these are very strong and I treasure these smells forever. Even if I go home, I can no longer experience these smells as my parents moved from village home to our house in city and we no longer follow the long process to get these milk products. I hate the packed items as my parents simply buy those items even though these aren't even as half good as the ones that we prepare by ourselves with care. I feel desperate in this busy life and sometimes I wish that the cities never exist. I do not know about the general human physiology; but for me the olfactory perception is the sense that is very close to my brain and my memories. Maybe I’ll get back to the life that I miss very soon or maybe I will long for those moments forever. Nevertheless, I cherish those nostalgic moments.

This post is specially written for contest: “Smelly To Smiley!” conducted by Indiblogger and Ambi Pur India. Visit Ambi Pur India’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/AmbiPurIndia for knowing more about the range of awesome home and car fragrances.  

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Smelly To Smiley!: Nostalgic Memories involving smelly socks and rosewater in hostel

Smelly To Smiley!

It happened few years back. I was staying in a hostel during my college days and our hostel room is one place of mess. It was an ill-famed college and in hostel rooms, we will throw everything everywhere. We play football in the weekends and on such a day, after playing hard, I was resting on bed with my friends. The smell in the room could make any healthy person feel nauseous. We threw the sweaty jersey and sweatpants on the table, put the smelly socks under the bed and we were enjoying the power nap. The room accommodates four, but seven of us were sleeping by placing all the beds closely. Three other guys were my roommates and the rest lives off campus. I woke up from the nap to the shouting of my fourth room mate who has just returned from the library and he was frantic with anger. It took about two minutes for me to come back from sleep to understand the situation. His parents were visiting him and so he wants his room to be clean and fresh; but the others are still sound asleep or at least pretending to be so. He threw all the unwashed clothes under a bed in the farthest end of the room and he hid the cigarette packs and empty beer bottles among those clothes that he dumped under the bed. I woke up everybody and they immediately went to bathrooms to take bath. They weren’t planning on leaving the hostel till night and from the frantic guy, I learnt that his parents are just five minutes away from hostel. They were actually from Tiruchirapally, but they came to Dindigul there for some business visit. Since the meeting was concluded early, they decided to visit Raja (the frantic guy.) Even though the room wasn’t looking that bad as it usually looks, the smell was so bad that it can make someone throw up. We can’t light the incense sticks as Raja can’t breathe easily even in such low smokes. The college hostel is located in a village and we cannot find any room fresheners in the shops there. We tried to neutralize the foul smell by mixing it with deodorants, but what we got was a mixed smell that made everything worse. Raja started shouting at me and I silently crept out of the room and headed to shops to buy some snacks. I noticed that the shop had rose water bottles and I thought that a bottle of rose water will be more than enough to overcome the smell. I went to room with a 500 ml bottle and I emptied the entire bottle in a corner of our room. The smell of rose water was so strong that I did overcome the smelly odour. But it’s been more than 10 minutes, but Raja’s parents haven't come yet. They called him later and explained that they are busy with a client and will head to Tiruchirapally after the meeting. They were actually sorry that they couldn’t meet him, but he was actually more relieved that they didn’t come to notice the pathetic situation of his room. 
Ambi Pur car and home fragrances
This incident happened four years before, but it feels like yesterday. Those days were full of fun and I have a sentimental longing / wistful affection for those days. Whenever I smell rosewater or rose, it provokes a smile in my face involuntarily.

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

I got my Hands on Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip

I don’t like exaggerating the stuff. So I’ll keep it short and simple. I tried the Ambi Pur Car Air freshener vent clip and I am writing about it because it is the first time I’ve ever tried such things. I got the lavender flavor as a sample from Ambi Pur through IndiBlogger. Once I received it I didn’t know what to do with it. It read that it lasts for 30 days with settings at low. I didn't know what to do with that as I do not drive a car and If I use it in my bike, the effect would be nil. So I decided to use it in my bedroom. It is actually small, but much larger than a small car. I had to set it at maximum in order to feel it. The room was filled with pleasant fragrance of lavender and it felt really good. Trust me on this, the olfaction can alter moods and this Ambi Pur is definitely having a positive effect. But the 2 ml vent clip can last only for about 20 days. Seriously! `199 for 20 days? That is almost 10 rupees a day and it is too much for me. Nevertheless I assume that if I had it in a car, it would definitely remove the smell and spread the smile.

And I have actually traveled in cars that smell like dirty socks and it was like travelling through hell. If they had Ambi Pur, it would've been very pleasant travel. I wouldn't considerAmbi Pur as accessory but a necessity for every car.